The babies

Like most family with during this time, there were two babies that did not survive. The first was Callie May Boyd born Jan 21, 1902 and died June 21,1903. The second baby Mattie Cavnar was born November 28, 1906 and died March 11, 1908.

Daddy Boyd said that he was rocking one of the babies and an angel came and took her out of this arms. This must have been a very dreadful time for them. Sissie was born prematurely in-between these babies.

Both infants are buried in the Cavnar family graveyard in Marshall County.

There was a little memorial card in Nanny’s bible for one of the babies

A bud the Gardner gave us
a pure and lovely child
He gave it tour keeping
To cherish undefiled.

But just as it was opening
to the Glory of the day
Down came the Heavenly Angel
And took our bud away.

So I guess in Daddy Boyd’s mind that is what happened.